What sets ROSEBUD Shavings apart from others? Our premium shavings are produced in primary sawmills and are dust-free, non-toxic, and safe for your equine, animal and human environments.

Company History & Information

Two Decades of Quality Products and Services

Rosebud Horse Bedding, LLC is based in Grangeville Idaho
As of June 1, 2013, Rocky Canyon Pellet Company acquired Rosebud Horse Bedding. To read more about the acquisition, read here.

Founded in 1992, Rosebud Horse Bedding supplies shavings in the western United States.  We have customers in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, and Nevada. Our customers are in hot deserts and cool Pacific rain forests. Some are isolated and others are near major metropolitan areas. We have learned that every customer has individual needs, and we strive to do everything possible to ensure our customers are delighted with our premium Rosebud pine shavings.

Business Philosophy

Our business philosophy is as simple as our premium product – customers are more important than sales. That means that Rosebud’s customers don’t have to worry about availability of shavings anymore. They know that the right shavings will arrive on the right truck at the right time and with the right price.

Our customers know when they need shavings, whether in the middle of January or during the busy summer months, and Rosebud is committed to getting  orders across the Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or wherever our premium, dust-free, non-toxic shavings are needed, west of the Mississippi.   We keep in close contact with Rosebud customers and dealers  to schedule loads so no one will run out of shavings in the dead of winter.

Premium Rosebud Horse Bedding is based in Grangeville IdahoQuestion: Have you ever found yourself standing in a stable full of horses with no shavings in the middle of January talking on a phone to a shavings sales representative who is blaming a late shipment on bad weather?

Answer: If that sounds like you, come into the fold.    Become a Rosebud Horse Bedding customer. We’ll take care of you and you’ll be able to rest easy at night knowing that Rosebud is your horse bedding company.

Management Team

President: Lot Smith
Business Manager:  Bridgett

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