What sets ROSEBUD Shavings apart from others? Our premium shavings are produced in primary sawmills and are dust-free, non-toxic, and safe for your equine, animal and human environments.

I would like to sell Rosebud Shavings. How do I become a Dealer?

Rosebud Horse Bedding shavings are produced in the USARosebud Horse Bedding is a very popular pine shavings product among the professional and hobby equine market.

Other animal operations such as dairy and poultry farms use our shavings as well, especially because our pine shavings are produced from first general sawmills and are free of environmental toxins.

We’re currently expanding our Dealer Network throughout the United States.

Call Bridgett at 800-574-7463 or email bbarela@rockycanyonpellet.com

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